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The ride will begin at 3:30PM at Riverside University High School (1615 E Locust St) in Milwaukee.  The walk will be divided into two shifts: Friday-Milwaukee to a stop to be determined and Saturday leaving at 8AM at a stop to be determined.

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Leave 6am
Riverside University High School
1615 East Locust Street
Milwaukee, WI 53211-3298
1. Head north on N Bartlett Ave toward E Locust St
203 ft
2. Turn left at E Locust St
0.4 mi
3. Turn left at N Humboldt Blvd
0.3 mi
4. Turn right at E Center St
3.5 mi
5. Turn left at N Sherman Blvd
0.7 mi
6. Turn right at W Lloyd St
0.2 mi
7. Turn left at N 47th St
0.6 mi
8. Turn right at W Vliet St
0.5 mi
9. Turn left at N Hawley Rd
0.9 mi
10. Turn right at US-18 W/W Bluemound Rd
1.5 mi
11. Slight right at W Bluemound Rd
11.4 mi
12. Turn left at Co Rd Th/Silvernail Rd
3.6 mi
13. Slight left to stay on Silvernail Rd
2.5 mi
14. Turn right at Co Rd E/Maple Ave
0.1 mi
15. Turn left at Co Rd D R/Golf Rd
1.1 mi
16. Slight left to stay on Golf Rd
0.3 mi
17. Turn right at Milwaukee St
0.2 mi
18. Slight left at Lake Country Recreation Trail
1.1 mi
19. Slight left at Wells St
0.5 mi
20. Turn left at Co Rd C/Main St
0.7 mi
21. Continue onto Delafield Rd
1.1 mi
22. Turn left at Co Rd P/Delafield Rd/N Sawyer Rd
0.1 mi
23. Turn right at Delafield Rd
2.0 mi
24. Continue straight onto Co Rd B/N Dousman Rd
0.2 mi
25. Continue onto Delafield Rd
2.9 mi
26. Turn left at Concord Center Dr
3.3 mi
39.9 mi – about 13 hours 18 mins
Leave Concord, WI at 8AM
26. Head west on Concord Center Dr towardCounty Rd F
0.1 mi
27. Continue onto County Rd B
9.2 mi
28. Turn left at Aztalan St/County Rd B/Union St
6.9 mi
29. Turn right at County Rd B/E Madison St
6.1 mi
30. Continue onto Co Rd Bb/Cottage Grove Rd
3.4 mi
25.7 mi – about 8 hours 26 mins
Leave Deerfield at Co Rd Bb/Cottage Grove Rd at 8AM.
31. Head west on Co Rd Bb/Cottage Grove Rdtoward WI-73 N
7.5 mi
32. Slight left to stay on Co Rd Bb
3.1 mi
33. Slight left at Co Rd Bb/Cottage Grove Rd
0.6 mi
34. Slight left to stay on Co Rd Bb/Cottage Grove Rd
1.4 mi
35. Turn right at Capital City Trail
0.6 mi
36. Slight right to stay on Capital City Trail
0.2 mi
37. Turn left at Dennett Dr
0.2 mi
38. Turn right at Atwood Ave
1.6 mi
39. Slight left at Winnebago St
0.3 mi
40. Continue onto Williamson St
1.2 mi
41. Continue onto E Wilson St
0.2 mi
42. Turn right at King St
17.0 mi – about 5 hours 35 mins
King St.
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